Hunk Feet

Big Hairy Hunk’s Feet

Big masculine man shows off his bare feet

Michael from My Friends’ Feet is the definition of a burly guy – he’s muscular, a bit beefy ans strong, and his natural, hairy body and legs are sexy!  I love his approachable half smile, his manly facial hair and of course I’m crazy about his big, masculine feet with their hint of callous that are slightly hairy on top.  Michael showed up for this shoot wearing nothing but flip-flops, then strips off his shirt and the sandals to expose his strong feet and sexy toes for us.  Hot!  Click here to see Michael’s entire shoot and even more foot guys!

Amateur Feet

Amateur Male Foot Exhibitionist

Tattooed European foot guy Jake Riley

Jake Riley from Toe Sucking Guys is a lean, athletic European amateur with lots of tattoos and hairy legs.  He’s got almost no body fat and a rock-hard body, and he actually loves playing with and showing off his own feet and body.  He rubs each foot, squeezes it and makes it feel good for the camera.  Want to see what happens next? (hint – it happens naked) – then click here to see Jake in action at Toe Sucking Guys!

Celeb Feet Foot Massage

Jonathan Legg Gets a Foot Treatment

Travel show host Jonathan Legg gets a professional reflexologist to give him a foot massage. He keeps up a humorous and informative narrative as his bare feet are squeezed, massaged, rubbed and relaxed, a treat for those of us into male feet!

Bare Feet Feet in Socks

Austin Andrews Loves Showing His Feet

mffhq1341austinandrews copy

Not everyone knows this, but gay pornstar Austin Andrews has a foot fetish and also loves showing off those masculine tootsies of his on My Friends’ Feet.  The cocky performer showed up in shoes (not shown here) covering gold toe socks that hug his feet to perfection.  Austin flaunts his chest as he pulls up his pants to display his hairy legs and slowly strips off his socks to expose his bare feet, wiggling and curling his sexy toes while he sticks them right in the camera – hot!  And you can click here to watch Austin Andrews in foot action!


Muscle Man’s Feet Tickled

muscle man bound and his feet tickled

Atlas is a big, powerful and muscular man with massive pecs and arms, dark hair and beard and big size 13 feet that are as masculine as he is.  The thing is, once he’s helpless in the My Friends’ Feet tickle chair with his hands and feet restrained, none of his strength matters – the muscle god is helpless to stop the tickling session.  He laughs and struggles as his feet and body are tickled with fingers and feathers – want to see the entire video?  Click to watch it at My Friends’ Feet!