Two-On-One Tickling Session!

Alessio Romero and Cameron tickle Derrick Vinyard's bare feet!

Uh-oh – looks like Derrick Vinyard’s in trouble!  He’s bound to the My Friends’ Feet tickling chair, helpless and vulnerable as porn star and daddy Alessio Romero and Cameron go to work on his sensitive sides.  The two men pull off Derrick’s shoes next, tickling his socked feet, then pull off the socks leaving his feet bare and exposed.  And then comes some serious tickle torment as Alessio and Cameron get serious as they tickle Derrick’s bare soles till he can’t stop wriggling and laughing.  Click here to see this hot barefoot tickling session!

Bare Feet

Sebastian Hook’s Size 10 Feet

Sebastian Hook exposes his bare feet

Gay porn star Sebastian Hook has a boyish face with big, dark eyes that are hard to look away from and slim, masculine feet.  He dressed up a bit for this shoot at My Friends’ Feet, and here he is sliding off his black, gold-toe socks to reveal his men’s size 10 feet, totally bare.  And once he’s barefoot, we can drool over Sebastian and his long, bare toes, as well.  Click here to see lots more of Sebastian Hook at My Friends’ Feet!

Foot Worship

Male Foot Worship in Español

Here’s two sexy Latin buddies doing a show, and they get a little silly as one guy takes the other’s shoes off, then strips off his socks as the director talks to them. Then he sucks and strokes those feet – and then there’s the retake. Okay, I admit it – I don’t understand Spanish, so I don’t know what these guys are saying. And yes, there’s a big fat watermark on this video from the program they used to make it. But hey, the foot fun here is sexy, spontaneous and just plain hot!

Amateur Feet

19 Year Old Justin Barefoot

Jock shows off his bare feet

Meet Justin from ToeGasms.  He’s a 19 year old jock type with short hair, smoldering dark eyes and wide feet with big, round toes, the kind you just want to pop in your mouth and suck.  He’s barefoot in this shoot, showing off his slightly wrinkled and calloused soles and his bare heels – there’s no filler here, just raw naked male feet.  Want to see more of Justin and those sexy feet?  Click here to see him and more foot guys at ToeGasms!

Foot Worship

Michael Fitt’s Feet Worshiped

michael fitt's feet worshiped

Michael Fitt is hot and hunky wearing a very sexy suit to this shoot for My Friends’ Feet, his feet in dress shoes, black socks held up by garters.  His admirer can’t wait to worship those masculine feet, pulling off his shoes and sniffing them, and that’s not all!  After a little sock worship, Michael’s chest and feet are bare, his admirer licking and sucking those toes as well as having his face under those masculine soles.  Want to see Michael Fitt’s entire foot worship video?  Click here to see him at My Friends’ Feet!