Foot Massage

Classic Male Foot Massage

Here’s a classic My Friends’ Feet video featuring amateur Dean, a guy with sore feet who’s being treated to a guy-on-guy foot massage. Those strong fingers firmly rub and stroke those tired soles from the heels to the balls of his feet, the thumbs pressing deep into Dean’s feet and making all the pain melt away. You can see just how good he feels, too. Click here to see the entire foot massage video at My Friends’ Feet!

Feet in Socks

Milo in Crisp White Athletic Socks

Amateur guy takes off his white athletic socks

Milo decided to come back and do a second shoot for Foot Friends, this time on his day off.  He’s relaxed and very casual as he pulls off first one, then the other of his athletic shoes to reveal his feet in clean white athletic socks.  Then off come the socks to reveal very masculine bare feet with sexy bare toes – love those hairy big toes and trim toenails.  Click here to see Milo show off more of his feet at Foot Friends!

Amateur Feet

JP Takes Off His Boots and Socks

Scruffy guy takes off his boots and socks

JP is wearing brown leather ankle boots to his ToeGasms shoot, but he pulls them off almost immediately to reveal his feet in well-worn, dirty grey and white socks.  But he’s not done yet!  He sticks his socked soles right in the camera, then slowly pulls his socks off, stretching them out as he removes them.  Once he’s totally barefoot, he sticks those raw soles and toes in the camera to tease us foot lovers.  Click here to see JP’s entire foot fetish shoot at ToeGasms!

Bare Feet Feet in Socks

Sexy Male Feet in Gold Toe Socks

Sexy bearded guy in gold toe socks and barefoot\

Here’s Silas from My Friends’ Feet wearing sexy business attire and gold toe dress socks.  Silas is a contrast as he’s got a boyish face with sparkling blue eyes and a dark scruffy beard, as well.  His twinkish demeanor is also a contrast with his dress clothes and tie, and wow, how sexy is that!  He kicks back in a leather chair, his socked feet propped up to show off for the camera, then peels off his socks to reveal his very sexy bare feet with their big toes and lightly wrinkled soles!   Click here to see more of Silas kick of those gold toes and tease us with those bare toes!

Bare Feet

Sweaty Male Soles (Christmas Edition)

This year’s holiday edition of Sexy Male Feet features barefoot and bearded amateur B.R. as he flexes his sweaty bare feet in front of the tree and scrunches his delightful masculine toes. Happy, happy holidays to all of our readers who celebrate the holidays this time of year, and to the rest, enjoy these sexy male feet!