Amateur Feet

Peeling Off His Shoes and Socks

Amateur guy takes off his shoes and socks outdoors

Poul Vantrier shows up for this outdoor shoot with ToeGasms wearing his Vans skateboard shoes that he takes off to show his white athletic socks with their grey toes.  And after showing off how they hug his feet, he takes off one and then the other and puts on a show of his bare feet with their trimmed toenails, smooth and sexy soles and a little callous on the underside of his toes.  Want to see more of Poul displaying his feet?  Click here to see him at ToeGasms!


This Suit Wears High Heels to Work

Here’s an executive who used to wear regular men’s shoes to work. Then he talked to a female co-worker and decided that wearing high heels was all about confidence. And now he’s a convert! Provocative? Yes, but he really makes it work – wow, can this guy rock a pair of high heels while wearing a suit and tie.

Bare Feet Feet in Socks

Nick’s Calloused Feet

Meet Nick from ToeGasms.  He’s not a cute twink, but he’s about the right age; he’s also slim and lanky and a little bit surly with some face scruff, short hair and calloused toes and feet.  He starts off in white athletic socks with grey toes, then strips them off to reveal his bare feet.  And these aren’t groomed and smooth feet – they’re rough with a little callous and hairy big toes.  Love ’em!  Click here to see more of Nick’s feet at ToeGasms or click below for more of this shoot…

Bare Feet

Josef Socher Barefoot and Bare Chested

Shirtless and shoeless masculine European man

Josef Socher isn’t your average MaleFeet4U model.  That’s because he’s far from being a twink or a jock – he’s a masculine man with a shaved head who obviously spends time at the gym.  He’s also bare-chested and barefoot, a combination we particularly like here at Sexy Male Feet.  And Josef isn’t shy about showing his toes and soles off on camera – in fact, he seems to have a bit of foot exhibitionism!  Want more of Josef Socher and his strong, masculine feet?  Click here to see him at MaleFeet4U!

Feet in Socks Foot Worship

Worshiping His Gold Toe Socked Feet

Worshiping male feet in gold toe socks

Redheaded Bennett Anthony has a sexy red beard and mustache to go with the hair, and daddy Dev – one of My Friends’ Feet‘s most passionate foot worshipers – can’t wait to service those masculine feet in their gold toe socks.  Dev starts by massaging and stroking Bennett’s feet, then gets his face down there and sniffs the male odor, then opens wide to put each foot in his mouth, sucking and licking them.  Want more of this foot fetish session?  Click here to see Bennett Anthony’s socked feet worshiped!