Feet in Socks Hunk Feet

Shirtless Hunk in Dirty, Holey Socks

I don’t usually do two blogs in a row for the same site, but I fell in lust with Aldo and really wanted to share him in his dirty socks with one big hole showing his bare sole underneath.  In this shoot for My Friends’ Feet, Aldo is shirtless to show off his beautifully muscled physique (love those sixpack abs!), and he’s wearing gym shorts that display his legs.  He’s also wearing deliciously dirty and sweaty socks, one with a big hole that lets his bare sole peek through.  Want more of Aldo in his dirty socks and barefoot?  Then click here to see him at My Friends’ Feet!

Feet in Sneakers

Sean Harding Shows Off His Feet

Masculine man kicks off his trainers

Sean Harding says he’s a newcomer to gay porn, but if that’s true, he’s certainly making a splash because I’m seeing him on a variety of sites including… My Friends’ Feet! The owner of the site said he met Sean on Twitter, and when he mentioned he was coming to Florida, they set up a shoot.  Sean is has a rough, masculine look along with a sexy beard and mustache, and he shows up in shorts and athletic shoes.  After showing off his legs and feet in sneakers, Sean takes off one shoe, spreading his toes for the camera, and then kicks off the other shoe so we can enjoy his mouthwatering bare feet.  Want to see the entire session?  Click here to see Sean Harding’s feet at My Friends’ Feet!


Asian Guy’s Bare Feet Tickled

Smooth Asian guy's bare feet tickled

Smooth Asian guy Alex is super-ticklish and has very sexy feet, so he’s very popular at Laughing Asians.  In this session, Alex is bound to the bed and resident tickler Vahn and a salt and pepper daddy go to work on him.  They tickle his sides till he’s struggling and laughing, then pull off his shoes to reveal those smooth bare feet – then his tormentors tickle his sensitive soles with fingers and implements as he squirms helplessly.  Want to see the entire shoot?  Click here to watch Alex’s feet get tag-team tickled at Laughing Asians!


Amateur Feet

Taking Off His Shoes and Socks

I love this video! An amateur guy sits in his car, his feet sticking out the door toward the camera. He’s wearing dressy shoes that he kicks off while they’re still tied, then after moving his socked feet around for us, he takes off one sock using only the toes of his other feet. Once one foot is bare, he uses his bare toes to slide off his other sock. And then he sticks his bare feet at the camera and stretches his toes and does a little sole flexing. Hot!

Bare Feet

Three Barefoot Buddies

Barefoot, bare-chested amateur guys show off

Ael, Jeff and Lars are amateur buddies who decided to make a few bucks showing off their bare chests and soles for Foot Friends.  All three of the guys kick back, stick out their feet and wriggle their toes plus lots of bare sole flexing.  A fun shoot if you love male feet, real amateurs and plenty of bare foot action.  Want to see the entire shoot?  Click here to check it out at Foot Friends!