Foot Bondage and Tickling Session

Uh-oh – looks like Killian Knox from My Friends’ Feet has gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble.  He’s bound to the tickle chair, his feet in stocks to keep them in place before this tag team of ticklers go to work on him, stripping off his socks and binding his big toes to the chair so his feet are held firmly in place for the torment to come.  And then they tickle his tender, bare soles with feathers and then an electric toothbrush as he struggles, laughing uncontrollably.  Then one of the guys whips out an electric toothbrush…  Want more?  Click here to see Killian Knox as he’s bound and tickled at My Friends’ Feet!


Jet Bares His Feet

Bearded, masculine man bares his feet

You may recall My Friends’ Feet‘s Jet with his beard and without it, and he’s as sexy and masculine as ever but has a rougher, scruffier look.  This almost-daddy has delightfully hairy legs and foot tops, and in this mouthwatering shooting, he starts off in well-worn and somewhat dirty socks, sticking his toes in the camera to get our foot fantasies into overdrive before taking off his socks and showing off his very manly bare feet.  Who wouldn’t love to worship Jet’s bare soles and toes?  Click here to watch all Jet’s foot fetish sessions at My Friends’ Feet!

Twink Feet

Twink Takes Off His Socks

twink takes off his socks and shows off his bare feet

Foot Friends doesn’t often offer us twinks, but they’ve scored a winner with Mick.  He’s cute and boyish, and he’s wearing shorts to show off his legs as he pulls off his white socks for us to reveal his bare feet.  And what sexy feet they are!  Mick’s feet are long and slim, smooth with nicely groomed toe nails and lightly wrinkled soles.  And I can’t get enough when he curls those tempting toes for the camera!  Want more of Mick barefoot (and in socks)?  Click here to see him at Foot Friends!

Foot Worship

Worship at his Feet

Top in suit makes bottom in tux worship his feet

This handsome and aggressive bearded top from Gentleman’s Closet is wearing a suit and tie, and he’s forcing his will on his bottom, who wears a tux and worships those dress shoes.  And that ain’t all!  He licks the soles of those shoes, then has his head held to the ground as his top shows him who’s the boss.  Then off come the dress shoes, and the bottom sniffs their masculine scent before his face is trapped between two feet wearing sheer black dress socks.  Want some more of this man on man foot fetish session?  Click here to watch it at Gentleman’s Closet or click below to see more pics from this scintillating shoot!

Amateur Feet

Average Feet in Huge Slippers

This amateur guy shows off his size 41 feet (that’s about a men’s size 8 1/2 in the U.S.) as he tries on HUGE size 54 (that’s like a men’s size 16) rubber slippers. It’s fun and sexy, as he shows off his feet, wiggling his toes with both his feet showing due to the size of the slippers. And at the end of this fun foot session, he starts to walk out of the slippers.