Twink Feet

Cute Twink With Big Feet

Long haired twink takes off his shoes

This sexy, long-haired twink-next-door’s name is Whitehurst – go figure! But unusual name or not, he’s a real cutie, so kudos to ToeGasms for doing this foot session with him.  He’s wearing a sleeveless tshirt that displays his slender arms as he reaches down to untie his shoes.  He pulls the first shoe off, then treats us to one of his big bare feet, giving us a tempting look at his smooth sole and toes.  Want more?  Click here to see Whitehurt’s entire foot session at ToeGasms!

Hunk Feet

Man in His Prime Shows His Feet

Handsome man in his prime shows off his bare chest and feet

Kal from My Friends’ Feet is a man in his prime, handsome with plenty of face scruff and a hint of silver at his temples.  He’s nicely built, and once his shirt and tie are off, we can see the hint of hair on his chest.  And after he’s pulled off his dress shoes and socks, he shows off his long, slim feet with smooth heels and soles.  Believe me, Kal and his feet are absolutely drool-worthy.  Click here to see his entire foot session at My Friends’ Feet!

Dress Shoes

Suit and Tie and Sexy Shoes

Sexy twink in suit and tie takes off his black shoes

Meet Joseph from Foot Friends.  He’s a real cutie with long, dark hair and dark bedroom eyes, and handsome Latin good looks.  He arrived for his photo shoot wearing a black suit and tie, black shoes and black dress socks, and after sticking his shod soles in the camera while giving us lots of eye contact, he unties one shoe and then the other, leaving his feet in their black socks.  Want to see Joseph’s entire session?  Click here to see him at Foot Friends!

Amateur Feet

Male Feet After a Run

This male runner decides to air out his hot feet after a run. First he unlaces his athletic shoes and pulls them off, then he pulls off his sweaty white socks. And finally he lets his tired feet relax on the cool grass, showing off his long bare toes and the tops and sides of his feet before curling up his toes as a farewell. Enjoy!