Dress Shoes

Joel Someone Sniffs His Dress Shoes

Joel Someone in a suit sniffing his dress shoes

This sexy session was Joel Someone’s audition for Gentlemen’s Closet, although why he would need to audition, I can’t imagine. But he’s super hot in his dark suit and light tie, and he pulls up one leg of his slacks to show off his sheer dress socks and garters. Then he sits down, slips off his dress shoes and puts one to his face to inhale that masculine foot odor. Talk about a man who loves his own feet! Click here to drool over Joel’s entire foot fetish shoot at Gentlemen’s Closet!

Foot Worship

Guy on Guy Foot Worship

gay foot worship

Lance (the owner of Man Up Films) and Sebastian get together for some foot worship and domination as one man gets down on the floor and services the other’s sexy masculine feet.  He grovels, sniffs those raw soles and then goes to work sucking and licking those tempting bare toes.  There’s a lot more to this foot fetish session – click to see it at Man Up Films!

Amateur Feet

Hairy Legs and Bare Feet

Amateur Russian Guy bare feet

Meet Maximus from Russian Guys Feet. This cute amateur guy is wearing shorts that show off his hairy legs and slim calves, and we get to watch him pull off his dark ankle socks, give us a Mona Lisa smile and relax as he poses his feet and legs for the camera.  Want to see more of Maximus and more Russian amateur guys?  Click for Russian Guys Feet

Bare Feet Dirty Socks / Feet

Peeling off His Hot, Sweaty Socks

cute amateur takes off his sweaty socks

Cute guy-next-door Aaron Marke from ToeGasms is peeling off his sweaty white socks to show off his hot, sweaty feet underneath.  And what sexy feet he has!  Just a little dirty with a hint of callus on the sides, the sweat drying on them in the cooler air.  You can see his hairy ankles, too, as he takes off his socks.  And for a grand finale, the sole and toe closeup has me drooling!  Want to see more of Aaron’s feet?  Click to visit ToeGasms!

Bare Feet

Daddy Foot Soak and Grooming

This mature man soaks his feet, cleans them and more, all while he narrates in a very sexy voice.  He cleans the gunk out from under his toenails, removes the calluses and treats his feet and his viewers to a foot spa day.  Includes how-to tips, wet bare feet and lots of foot and toe closeups.  I think you’re really going to enjoy this one!