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  • Famous guys – actors, musicians, athletes – showing off their feet. This is the category for you if you love male celebrities barefoot or in shoes and socks.

  • Shaq Gets a Pedicure

    Sexy black athlete Shaquille O’Neal plays hard, and his feet take the brunt of all that action. So here he is, showing off his feet and getting a pedicure. Being a big man, Shaq has huge feet, and do they ever need some care! And after his feet and toenails get rubbed and buffed, he gets glitter toenail polish, too. Enjoy!

  • George Peppard’s Feet

    Posted on by Footman

    A handsome, younger George Peppard from Breakfast at Tiffany’s kicks back to make a phone call, pointing his feet toward the camera. He slips off one scuffed dress shoe, then continues his conversation with one foot in a dark sock and the other still in a shoe. Eventually he kicks off the other shoe, displaying two masculine socked feet. I never knew George Peppard had such sexy feet!

  • Starring Cristiano Ronaldo’s Feet

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    Portuguese football (that’s soccer to those of us in the States) player Cristiano Ronaldo is quite well-known world wide for his playing, and he’s also quite the hunk with his dark, wavy hair and beautiful eyes, not to mention that great bod. This is a behind-the-scenes video of making a Commercial featuring Mr. Ronaldo, and in it he lies on a bed, first in socks and then barefoot, kicking a soccer (er… football) ball and sitting around with his bare feet showing. Hot, hot, hot!

  • Justin Chambers’ Bare Feet

    Here’s sexy Justin Chambers barefoot in this clip from Grey’s Anatomy. And an excellent clip it is, too, as he wiggles his toes, rubs them, flexes his bare, slightly dirty soles and more. The camera catches his feet from the bottoms and the tops, and you’ll spot some perfect foot shots. It’s as if they shot this one just for foot lovers. Enjoy!

  • Scott Caan and Alex O’ Loughlin Barefoot!

    Here’s a video of Scott Caan and Alex O’ Loughlin. They’re kicking back barefoot, their soles pointed toward the camera. While they’re chatting (it is, after all, in the script for this show), they keep scrunching their toes and moving their feet. Even if you’ve seen this one, it’s definitely worth watching again from a foot lover’s perspective!

  • Alex Costa Models His Shoe Collection

    Here’s a fun little video with Alex Costa showing off his shoe collection. He models all sorts of shoes for us from dress shoes to athletic shoes, casual shoes and some shoes with no socks. Some great closeups, ground level shoe/foot shots and more. This is a great video if you love male celeb feet and men wearing shoes. Enjoy!

  • Will Arnett Barefoot

    Okay, this is something you don’t see every day – actor Will Arnett on Jimmy Kimmel walking barefoot across a bed or Legos.  And if you’ve ever stepped on a Lego block, you know those corners are sharp!  Will pulls off his shoes and goes for it, so we get to watch his delicious bare feet in action.  Enjoy!