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  • Classic Male Foot Massage

    Here’s a classic My Friends’ Feet video featuring amateur Dean, a guy with sore feet who’s being treated to a guy-on-guy foot massage. Those strong fingers firmly rub and stroke those tired soles from the heels to the balls of his feet, the thumbs pressing deep into Dean’s feet and making all the pain melt away. You can see just how good he feels, too. Click here to see the entire foot massage video at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Man-on-Man Foot and Leg Massage

    Here are two bearded French amateurs, one of whom is the lucky recipient of a foot and leg massage plus some reflexology, the other is even luckier as he gets to manhandle those bare feet! The one getting the massage has his bare feet and calves rubbed, stroked, lotioned up and more. Looks like it feels great for both men, and check out those intense gazes the masseur gives the camera – hot!

  • Tommy Defendi’s Socked Feet Worshiped

    Cameron Kincade worships Tommy Defendi's feet in socks

    Here’s gay porn star Tommy Defendi as you don’t usually get to see him – with a full beard. In this foot worship session – or should that be sock worship? – from My Friends’ Feet, Cameron Kincade strokes and massages Tommy’s feet, stroking them through his black gold toe socks.  Both men are wearing business attire when things get started, but by the time Kincade goes down on those masculine, socked feet, both men are shirtless, revealing their hairy chests though this sexy sock session.  Click here to watch the entire video at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Male Foot Massage With Lotion

    Posted on by Footman

    No doubt the guy getting his feet massaged is absolutely loving it, but so are we – and so is the lucky masseuse who gets to rub, stroke and lotion up those warm, masculine feet.   He rubs and kneads the soles, gets his fingers between the toes and relaxes those feet while we watch and fantasize!

  • Master Gets a Foot Rub

    Posted on by Footman

    This cocky amateur foot master talks to us as he pulls off his socks, flips off the camera and gets a foot massage. His off-camera slave gets his hands in the video, oiling up his master’s feet and stroking them as our foot master continues to talk to us (and presumably his slave), saying things like “Go ahead – rub these big feet”. I’ll admit that this foot master doesn’t have a commanding presence, but he does have sexy feet and I did like watching them get massaged. I only wish it could have lasted longer…

  • Amateur Gets a Foot Massage

    Posted on by Footman

    Here’s two lucky guys – one is getting a foot massage, the other is giving him one.  The one who gets the massage starts off wearing black socks, and the guy who gives him the foot rub starts off stroking his feet through the socks, then slides the socks off those warm feet slowly and carefully.  With both feet bare, he rubs those feet on the tops, bottoms and sides, the camera showing the foot tops as this satisfyingly long guy-on-guy foot massage concludes with the masseuse’s thumbs going in between those masculine toes.  Enjoy!

  • It Started as a Foot Massage…

    Posted on by Admin

    Justin Case worship's jock's hot feet

    Kenny’s heard that Justin Case from My Friends’ Feet is a wizard when it comes to foot massage, so he puts his achy feet in Justin’s hands.  Justin can’t wait to get his hands on this sweaty socked feet, and after rubbing them till they’re feeling better, he worships those feet in socks, then does what he does best – he strips off the socks so he can worship Kenny’s bare masculine feet, sucking his toes and licking the tops and soles of those warm male feet.  Want to see more of Justin Case worshiping Kenny’s feet?  Click here to watch the video at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Amateur Gets a Foot Rub

    Our favorite foot amateur is back, and this time he’s getting a foot rub. As always, he’s full of dirty foot talk – and dirty feet – talking to the camera, pulling off his socks like a stripper and having his foot slave stroke and rub his feet on camera while giving us our foot fetish thrill for the day. Enjoy!

  • Navy Guy Gets a Foot Massage

    Usually when we post videos, they’re either from amateurs or from foot fetish websites. This time is different – I found this video from All American Heroes, which is a gay for pay sex site featuring men in uniform, but the video is so foot-related and so hot! Navy Corpsman Logan spends all day on his feet so he usually has sore, tired feet. Private Tyler is more than willing to give those tired tootsies the care they deserve, rubbing them firmly with his strong hands. If you want to see the full video, click here to visit All American Heroes.

  • Anonymous Male Foot Rub

    Here’s the kind of video the internet was made for! There are two anonymous guys, one kicking back in jeans and dark socks while his buddy can’t wait to get his hands on them. He grabs his buddy’s socked feet, strokes them, pulls off his socks and pulls up his pant legs to reveal those hairy calves. And once those masculine feet are bare, he rubs them, massages them and slides his fingers between the toes, having himself a hot foot fetish session with his buddy!