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  • Sexy Male Feet in Snakeskin Cowboy Boots

    Posted on by Footman

    This morning I realized we haven’t had any guys wearing boots recently, so I found this video and here it is. We don’t see the entire guy, we don’t see his bare feet. What we DO see is a man with a masculine walk showing off his feet in his cowboy boots. They’re snakeskin and they flex as he moves, giving a real feel for the feet inside. As a boot lover, I really enjoyed this one – hope you do, too!

  • Male Feet in Bondage

    Carlo ankles bound to show off his feet

    Carlo from Foot Friends is in trouble – or at least, he’s in bondage.  He wears a dress shirt and he’s shackled, his feet in dress shoes and bound together with his wrists.  Carlo is totally helpless as some off-camera mystery man peels off his shoes and then his dark socks, leaving him bound and barefoot – just the way we like ’em!  And I love the final pic, showing off his smooth bare feet, ankles bound.  Click here to see Carlo’s entire foot bondage shoot at Foot Friends!

  • Male Foot Song – Little Stinky Piggys

    In my never-ending search for more and different male foot content, I ran across this music video today. It’s from a musical artist who calls himself “TAMMpON” (go figure!), but he gets his bare feet front and center, wiggles and moves his feet, shows off the soles does plenty of toe scrunching and sole flexing, briefly washes his feet in the sink and plays with his toes. All while singing about his feet! And you know what? His feet are pretty damn sexy, too!

  • Male Foot Play in Espanol

    Posted on by Footman

    You gotta love this even if you don’t understand it. The host of this show is ready, willing and able to have his feet serviced by his guest, and the host isn’t disappointed as his guest peels off the host’s shoes, then gets to work stroking and tickling the bare soles. He gets his face right up to those masculine feet, stroking them and smelling them through the video. My Spanish isn’t very good, but the action here speaks for itself – it’s pure foot play!

  • Male Pedicure Tutotial

    Posted on by Footman

    Here’s a video showing you how to do an at-home pedicure, but even if you’re not interested in that, this man in this video demonstrates everything using his own very sexy feet. Foot soaking, toenail clipping and shaping, rubbing in lotion into those bare feet and more. And there are some hot ultra toe closeups in this one, too, so be sure and watch for them!

  • The Foot Sandwich Challenge

    Posted on by Footman

    Here are two husky and barefoot amateur guys who have challenged each other. They are competing to see who can make a sandwich faster… using only their bare feet! If you love watching guys use their toes in unusual ways, wait till you see them handle the bread, cheese and lettuce with their toes and by pressing their feet together. It’s a foot fetish video / it’s a silly Youtube video. It’s both – enjoy!