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  • Joey J’s Bare Feet Tickled Mercilessly

    Posted on by Footman

    shirtless hunk's bare feet tickled

    Joey J is a built piece of beefcake with sparkling blue eyes, a great physique and big size 12 feet.  And once he’s bound in the My Friends’ Feet tickle chair and his big toes tied together, his torment begins.  The tag team working him over are tickling aficionados who are true male foot fetishists, so they have a great time as they get to work on Joey’s bare soles with fingers and a feather.  The guys also tickle his sensitive armpits, and finally one tickles his feet while the other tickles his pits.  Looks like Joey is helpless and VERY ticklish – what a session!  Want to watch the entire thing?  Click here to see Joey J’s tickling session at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Hairy Bearded Hunk’s Tickling Session

    Posted on by Admin

    Gorgeous hairy hunk's bare feet tickled

    Gabriel is a hairy, bearded man with a great body and handsome face; he’s also a My Friends’ Feet member who emailed the site saying he wanted to do a tickling session.  After one look at his photos, they couldn’t wait to strap him into the tickling chair, so soon they made his fantasy reality!  Here he is, his gorgeous, hairy body restrained as he’s stripped down to his shorts so we can drool over his hairy chest, pits and abs, and his socks are pulled off, and now his tag team of ticklers have full access to his bare feet and sides – and they make the most of it, tickling his bare soles as he struggles, laughing helplessly!  Want to see Gabriel’s entire tickling session?  Click here to see it at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Asian Hunk’s Foot Tickling Session

    Posted on by Footman

    Asian muscle hunk's bare feet tickled

    Ken Ott from My Friends’ Feet is a very sexy Asian hunk and gay porn star who is bound in the tickling chair and put through his paces.  It turns out that Ken’s size 11 male feet are VERY tickling, and once he’s barefoot, we get to see just how ticklish he is as masculine fingers torment his sensitive, tender soles, as well as his hairy armpits.  He jerks and struggles, pulling away from those relentless fingers, and by the end of this session, Ken is a helpless laughing mess.  Want to watch Ken Ott’s bare feet tickled and tormented?  Click here to see the entire session at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Travis’ Tickle Session

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    Amateur guy's feet tickled

    Travis is actually a My Friends’ Feet member who volunteered to be bound and tickled.  He’s slim with a hairy chest, and he arrived for his session wearing office attire including a tie and black socks, but even before those socks are off, the tickling begins, and it’s relentless!  After having his feet tickled through his socks and his armpits tickled through his shirt, Travis’ feet are bare and he’s discovered that he’s a lot more ticklish than he thought.  His toes are tied and his soles get the hairbrush treatment as he struggles and laughs uncontrollably.  Click here to watch the entire video of Travis’ tickling torment!

  • Tyler’s Tickle Torment

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    Cute bearded hunk tickled in bondage

    In another tag-team tickling session from My Friends’ Feet, cute bearded hunk Tyler is restrained and given the business.  He’s helpless as his socked feet are tickled but still game; then the guys tickling him strip off his shirt and socks, then tie his bare toes to hold his feet in place and give him a serious barefoot tickling.  They use their fingers to torment his bare soles, then Tyler wriggles helplessly as both his armpits are tickled.  Then he curls his feet reflexively as his vulnerable bare soles are tickled further with fingers and hair brushes.  Click here to watch the entire tickling session at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Hunky Hans Berlin Tied and Tickled

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    Bearded hunk bound and tickled in this gay tickling session

    Muscle hunk Hans Berlin is masculine and sexy with his facial hair and his lightly furred chest.  He’s also bound and helpless in this tickling session from My Friends Feet!  And two experienced ticklers go to work on him, removing his shoes so they can tickle his feet through his white socks, but even though he squirms and laughs helplessly, they’re not done with him yet!  They tickle his socked feet with implements, then use their fingers to tickle his sides.  Click here to watch Hans Berlin being tickle-tormented at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Muscle Hunk Tied and Tickled

    Posted on by Footman

    Handsome muscle hunk's feet tickled

    Joey from My Friends’ Feet is a handsome muscle hunk with a square jaw, sparkling eyes… and, although he didn’t know it, very ticklish feet!  His powerful body is restrained in the tickling chair and his socks and shirt removed, and Joey’s about to discover just how vulnerable he really is as two skilled and experienced male ticklers go to work on him.  In mere seconds he’s reduced to helpless laughter as the tickle torture begins, sweating and struggling as his sensitive soles are tormented with fingers, feathers and an electric toothbrush!  For good measure, they also tickle his sides and pits.  Click here to watch Joey J’s big size 12 feet tickled at My Friends’ Feet!

  • Foot Worship in Español

    Okay, I admit it – I don’t speak Spanish, and so I have no idea what these guys are saying. The clip title translates (thanks, Google!) to “Going crazy from head to toe”, but it looks to me more like feet and toes as one thing for sure is that one of these hot Latin guys is servicing the other’s feet. He pulls off his shoes, tickles those tender soles with a variety of implements and then rubs them and ties the big toes together. There’s a lot of foot action in this short clip! Love Latino feet? Enjoy!

  • Bodybuilder’s Bare Feet Tickled

    bodybuilder's bare feet tickled

    Bodybuilder Braden Charron thinks his mental discipline will be more than a match for a My Friends’ Feet tickling session.  He was wrong!  His feet and chest are bare and he’s wearing shorts, leaving all that exposed skin to be tickled… and it is!  Braden’s soles, armpits and sides are tickled mercilessly, and he’s unable to resist the torment – he laughs and grimaces, struggling against his bonds to no avail.   Click here to see this entire tickling torment session!

  • Santa’s Bare Feet Tickled

    Santa is the ultimate daddy bear with his silver hair and beard and his big belly, but have you ever wondered what Santa does when it’s not the holidays? Well, here he is off-season, bare feet in stocks as he endures a fiendish tickling session. He bare toes and soles are exposed and helpless as he laughs helplessly while some lucky guy off camera works over those ticklish soles!