Howard Stern’s Feet (among other things)

I was looking for foot worship videos when I ran across this one.  It’s titled “KC’s Gay Foot Rub”, but there’s more to it than that – FAR more.  KC was on Stern, and this fan – I believe his name is Rush – is gay, has a foot fetish and developed a crush on KC.  And they had him on the show!  KC goes into his “I’m too straight for a gay guy to touch my feet” routine, but ultimately one of his socks is stripped off by Rush, who massages his feet (at about 16 minutes in).  Then KC makes a fuss and at a few seconds over 20 minutes, Howard Stern tells KC he’s being a baby, bares his foot and lets Rush put a toe ring on him.  There’s lots more to it, but we get to see straight celeb and semi-celeb feet and hear Rush talk about his foot fetish.  If you have some time, this is a fun video – with reluctant straight guy feet!

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