Killian’s Free Foot Exam

In this foot fetish fantasy from My Friends’ Feet, “Doctor” Ricky Larkin has opened a foot clinic, and one of his “patients” is Killian, who’s been running races and decides to take advantage of the clinic’s free foot exams.  He’s sweaty from head to foot when he arrives at the clinic, and Dr. Larkin can’t resist those sweaty feet.  He peels off Killian’s shoes and sucks on his dirty socks, his hands wrapped around those big, masculine feet as he revels in the manly foot odor.  And then off come the socks, and the doctor can’t get enough of those bare toes, running his tongue all over them and sucking Killian’s toes.  Want to see the entire gay foot worship session?  Click here to watch it at My Friends’ Feet!

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