Hunk’s Ticklish Feet

hunk bound and his feet and sides tickled

Madison from My Friends Feet didn’t realize just how ticklish he was till he was put through his paces in this extreme tickling session. His hands are bound n the tickle chair, his arms up to show his hairy armpits, and his socked feet put in stocks to restrain them, then his socked feet are the first target as the tickling session begins!  Madison’s shirt is pulled off and his socks are removed, leaving him barefoot as he laughs and jerks away helplessly as hisfeet  sides are tickled.  Click to watch Madison’s tickling video at My Friends’ Feet or click below for more from this shoot.

Hunky Madison's soles tickled

That’s only the start for Madison!  His big toes are bound so he can’t move his feet out of the way as his tickling continues.  His bare soles are tickled with fingers, a hairbrush and an electric toothbrush, and he goes off into paroxysms as he comes close to reaching his limit from the tickle session.  Click here to watch hunky Madison tickled to his limits!

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