• Tickling Hunky Shawn Reeve

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    0725shawnreeve copy

    Shawn Reeves from My Friends’ Feet is tall (6′ 3″ with size 13 feet), well-built with some tattoos, and it turns out he’s super ticklish.  Shawn is bound in the tickle chair, and in seconds he’s squirming and giggling as his armpits and pecs are tickled, and then the tickler goes to work on Shawn’s sensitive feet, teasing them mercilessly on the toes, soles and all over.  Shawn is helpless as his big feet are tickled and tormented!  See the entire video – click here to visit My Friends’ Feet.

  • Matt LeBlanc’s Feet

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    Okay, it’s in French, but that doesn’t detract from a few seconds of foot silliness as Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani has fun in the pool by pretending his feet are having a conversation.

  • Clay’s Big Feet

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    clayt copy

    Clay is the kind of guy I like to see because he’s not a glamour model, gorgeous hunk or porn star – he’s an attractive guy next door type who has fun showing off his feet.  Clay’s no stranger to showing off his tootsies on My Friends’ Feet, either, but this time he wore his flip flops to the shoot, but soon removes them to expose his big, masculine size 13 feet and his tasty toes.  And are they hot?  You bet they are!  Click to see much more of Clay’s size 13s at My Friends’ Feet.


  • Jester Loves His Feet!

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    0160jester copy

    Twenty year old Jester from ToeGasms is a bit of a bad boy who’s a little kinky – this bisexual cutie loves the smell and taste of male feet including his own! He peels off his shoes, pulls his socks down and then whiffs those dirty socks and dirty feet before pulling off his socks entirely. Want to see Jester spash cum all over his naked feet? Click here for ToeGasms!

  • Playing Footsie

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    Here’s a couple amateur guys who shot a video of the two of them kicking back in a bed barefoot, then rubbing their feet together, wiggling their toes and generally putting on a foot show!

  • Daz Washes His Feet

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    Here’s an off-camera amateur who decided to share his foot washing video with us. He props up his bare feet in the sink, gets ’em, nice and wet and soaps ’em up. Enjoy!

  • Sebastian Young Tickled and Tormented

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    sebastian-young copy

    What could be sexier than porn star Sebastian Young in a suit and tie?  How about hunky Sebastian Young in crisp executive attire in bondage and being tickled mercilessly?  Once his dark socks come off, Sebastian and his shirt is open to show his muscular, tattooed and manly chest, he’s drenched in sweat from struggling and jerking as he’s tickled and tickled, helpless and laughing as they torment him, tickling his soles and his sides.  Want to see more of Sebastian’s tickling session?  Click here to visit My Friends Feet (hint – he ends up naked).


  • Cute Black Amateur Shows His Feet

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    stefan copy

    Stefan is a cute 25 year old black amateur recently scouted by Chi Guy’s Feet.  Stefan’s a soldier who likes flashy athletic shoes on his size 10 feet.  Dig those bright orange soles on his shoes – wowzers!  The shoes come off to reveal well-worn, slightly holey socks that are tight enough to show the shape of his toes, and then Stefan strips off the socks to reveal his sexy (and also dirty) male feet.  Want to see more of Stephan’s soles and toes?  Click here to head to Chi Guy’s Feet!

  • Twink Sneaker Worship

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    MoonekandAxelPierce copy

    Moonek and Axel Pierce from Toe Sucking Guys are buddies – fuck buddies, actually.  But Axel is also into feet, and he’s been wanting to worship Moonek’s.  Axel lies on the floor and looks adoringly at Moonek’s still-shod feet.  Then Axel is in for a surprise, as Moonek turns out to be quite forceful and aggressive, pushing his feet – still in dirty sneakers – into Axel’s face and holding his head down as Axel sticks his tongue out and worships those feet still in those dirty shoes.  A hot foot and shoe worship session, for sure!  Want to see the entire video?  Click to visit Toe Sucking Guys!