• Hipster Feet

    Smooth male feet

    Here’s Andy Castle, another of Foot Woody‘s discoveries. You might not think it, but Andy sports a pair of size 12s, and he shows off his dirty socked feet very well; then, with the poise and slow sexiness of a seasoned stripper, he takes off his socks to reveal his very smooth male feet. Want to see more? Head off to Foot Woody!

  • Evan Strips Off His Dirty Shoes and Sweaty Socks

    Evan Heinze is no stranger to showing off his stuff on camera. He used to be a cute twink performer, but times have changed and Evan’s matured. Now he’s a tattooed bad boy with attitude and dirty, well-worn shoes he sticks in the camera as he takes them off, revealing funky socks. Then Evan reaches down and – while still wearing his sweaty socks – gives himself a sexy foot massage. Want to see more of Evan?  Click here to go to ToeGasms!

  • Horny For Toe Sucking

    Hot amateurs suck each others' toes

    Dan and Furby are a real-life couple who have a lot of things in common… like a love for feet. In this session, the two are browsing the internet (maybe for porn), start to kiss and make out, and one thing leads to another – soon the guys are taking turns licking and sucking each others’ tender toes. Their warm, soft tongues are a real turn-on as they tease those toes! You can see the entire video (with the X-rated climax) – click to see it at Toe Sucking Guys.

  • Strong, Sweaty Feet

    Amateur bad boy shows off his bare feet

    Josh is straight, and he’s also a dance student, so you know his feet are strong and fit. He came to this shoot after a hot, sweaty dance session, so they’re warm and sweaty as he sticks them in the camera – and the camera man’s face! Josh says he’s never had anyone lick his feet, but now that it’s come up, he’s interested. Click here to see more of Josh as he plays with his feet and more at Foot Woody.

  • Dominic Pacifico Gets Tickled!

    Gay porn star Dominic Pacifico tickled in bondage

    Want to know a secret about Dominic Pacifico? He’s ticklish… all over! Here he is in a session for My Friends Feet, helpless in bondage and more than eager to be the willing victim of two tickling tormentors. They start off on his still-socked feet, then off come the socks and they get to work on his bare soles. The guys are having fun as Dominic squirms helplessly throughout the tickle torture, and they pull off his shirt for easy access to his sensitive armpits…
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  • Skater Punk Sock and Foot Play

    Skater dude strips socks and sucks his own feet

    After a day on his board, slender skater punk Ian Madrox has a bad attitude and sweaty feet. He pulls off his shoes, gives his feet a rub (oh, the relief!), and shows off those feet encased in dirty, sweaty socks (just the way we like them!) Then he strips a sock off and tries sucking on one of his socked toes, giving us foot lovers a tease before showing off his bare feet. But wait – there’s more pics from this Toe Gasms shoot!
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  • The Sock Burglar

    In this foot fantasy a hooded man sneaks in. He looks around furtively, sees the guy asleep on the bed in his shoes, sniffs them and removes them so he can blissfully sniff the used, sweaty socks the guy has on his feet. He carefully peels off the socks, one at a time, then inhales the musky aroma of the man’s bare feet. Then the man starts to wake up and the burglar escapes the same way he got in…

  • Mick is Back!

    Mick wearing suit and dress shoes

    Here’s cute slacker Mick again, this time wearing a suit and worn dress socks, of all things. He’s still scruffy, his hair is long and wavy and he’s cute – really cute. His shoe soles are scuffed, but that’s no problem as he sheds to shoes to show off his smooth, sexy feet. I don’t know where Chi Guy finds his foot models (presumably in Chicago), but I sure do love checking them out. Click to see all the guys at Chi Guy’s Feet!

  • Aaron Bruiser’s Feet Worshiped

    Gay porn star Aaron Bruiser's socked and bare feet worshiped

    Masculine and beefy gay porn star Aaron Bruiser shows up at My Friends Feet for a little action… foot action, that is. The site owner can’t wait to get those shoes off to expose the sweaty socks underneath, then he slides off the socks and goes to work on those bare feet. He licks them, sucks the toes, and finally gets as much of one of Aaron’s big feet in his mouth to service the entire thing!
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