• Even His Shoes are Scruffy

    Sexy amateur foot guy shows off his feet

    Meet Mick from Chi Guy’s Feet. He’s cute in a scruffy way, with his untamed mop of curly hair, couple days’ beard growth and well-worn clothes. Love those worn shoes, but I like it better when he shows off this sexy white socks and finishes this photo session off by lying back on the couch to show off the bottoms of his toes and soles of his feet! You can see much more of Mick at Chi Guy’s Feet – click here to check him out.

  • Jock with Foot Lust

    Shoe-sniffing, foot worshiping jock

    Sexy jock Tristan is back for another foot play session at Toe Sucking Guys, and this time the object of his attentions is called DreamBoy (and yes, he picked his own porn name, if you’re wondering). Tristan gets the ball rolling by slipping off DreamBoy’s sneakers and sniffing them, turned on by the scent. Then he bends forward and worships DreamBoy’s bare feet, running his tongue gently across the soles before getting in there to suck those toes. And DreamBoy reciprocates, tasting Tristan’s toes.
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  • Foot Bridge :D

    Another super-hot foot fetish video from YouTuber ManFeetMike. He walks onto a foot bridge, sits down and gives us quite a show. After his shoes are off, he shows off his feet in sweaty socks, then slides off the socks and gives it to us barefoot. Mike puts his dirty feet right up to the camera, flexes them and wiggles his toes. More than nine minutes of foot play 🙂

  • Yummy Twink Feet

    This twink loves getting his toes sucked

    Tony Star has to be one of the cutest guys who’s ever done a video for Foot Woody. This slender twink says he doesn’t have a fetish for feet, but he’s had his toes sucked a few times and it felt really good. And wouldn’t you love to be one of the guys who got to worship this twink’s perfect feet? Here he is, first with his feet in socks and then barefoot. But wait – there’s more!
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  • 2-On-1 Male Tickling Session

    Gay porn star Allesio Romero's shoes removed and his feet and body tickled by two men

    Alessio Romero is a masculine man with a very hairy body and trim facial hair. He’s also a gay porn star who has appeared on My Friends Feet several times, but recently he’s always delivered the tickling, not received it. That’s why Red and the site owner – both victims of Alessio’s tickling – decided it was time to get even. First Alessio is put in bondage, his hands and feet restrained and the camera man pointing his lens at Alessio’s feet as the guys slide off his shoes and go to work, delivering up tickle torture to his sides and feet and tying his toes to the bondage bed.
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  • Sock Striptease

    Here’s an amateur guy who knows what we like! He points the camera at his shod feet, then proceeds to pull off each shoe to reveal his short socks, and then one by one he removes those socks to expose his toes. Once he’s barefoot, he puts on some flip flops, wiggles those toes and takes the sandals back off to show off his sexy soles.

  • There’s Something About Dru…

    Sexy bearded amateur foot guy

    There really is something about Dru. Maybe it’s his sexy, trimmed beard or maybe it’s that hint of attitude. Or just maybe I can’t get enough of guys with long, slender feet like his. First he takes off his sneakers, then shows off his socked feet. And once he slides off the socks, he shows off the bottoms of his masculine feet, one on top of the other. Want to see more of Dru?   Click here for Chi Guy’s Feet, packed with exclusive amateur guys, a site dedicated to real foot lovers.