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  • Licking, kissing and servicing men’s booted feet. Hot if you love watching a guy in boots having his feet worshiped.

  • Fun Foot Fantasy

    This web foot amateur made this custom video a while ago. He’s your boss and he’s caught you always looking at his feet, and he’s not happy about it. Or is he? He shows off in work boots, then takes them off to reveal his feet in sweaty socks, and after teasing us, he pulls off the socks to show off his bare soles and toes. A very hot foot fantasy video with plenty of verbal!

  • Boot Slave Services Booted Master

    Here’s an dominant man wearing shiny black workboots, and he’s a lucky guy who doesn’t need to do the polishing himself – he’s got a boot slave to care for his boots and his feet. In this video, his boot slave rubs the boots, respectfully unlaces them and licks them, As a reward, after pulling his boot Master’s work boots off, he gets to smiff that seductive masculine foot odor from each boot.

  • Scruffy Twink Takes Off Sweaty Boots

    shirtless twink takes off his sweaty boots

    Scruffy twink Marke came to his ToeGasms shoot in a pair of sweaty work boots, and he started things off shirtless.  I’m a big fan of slender, smooth twinks, and he’s got pierced nipples, so I was in twink foot fetish heaven when I saw this set.  Marke unties and pulls off his well-worn boots to reveal sweaty, dirty white socks.  After pulling one sock off and giving us an extreme bare sole closeup, Mark pulls off his other sock and sniffs his boots, enjoying his male foot odor.  Want more of Marke’s foot fetish session?  Click here to see him at ToeGasms!

  • Men in Uniform Take Off Their Shoes

    I started this morning in the mood for some male celeb feet, but things didn’t work out the way I’d planned. I ran into this video of these two hunky guys shirtless but in uniform pants, hats and – most importantly – lace up uniform boots, and I had to share it with you. They have plenty of attitude as they unlace their boots, pull them off and strip off their socks. As a nice finale, they both put their feet up and the camera gives us some nice toe and sole closeups. Enjoy!

  • Worship My Muddy Boots!

    In this video, a balaclavad man in uniform tromps through the woods in boots in the mud. As soon as his boots are wet and messy, another man in uniform and balaclava crawls to the first man in the mud and worships those leather-encased feet with his tongue. Before the clip ends, the first man in uniform does some muddy stomping to make sure his uniform boots are covered in mud! A hot amateur video if you love submission and men in boots.