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  • David’s Sexy European Feet

    Posted on by Footman

    Meet David Skabeta from MaleFeet4U.  He’s a handsome European jock with full lips, dark eyes and while he hasn’t shown off his feet on camera before, he’s more than willing to give it a try.  First he strips off his soft grey sneakers – then he’s shirtless, and off come his striped grey socks, one after the other.   The camera man (lucky guy!) closes in on those bare European male feet and gives us some serious closeups as David flexes his soles and scrunches his toes.  Click here to see more of sexy David Skabeta at MaleFeet4U!

  • Starring Cristiano Ronaldo’s Feet

    Posted on by Footman

    Portuguese football (that’s soccer to those of us in the States) player Cristiano Ronaldo is quite well-known world wide for his playing, and he’s also quite the hunk with his dark, wavy hair and beautiful eyes, not to mention that great bod. This is a behind-the-scenes video of making a Commercial featuring Mr. Ronaldo, and in it he lies on a bed, first in socks and then barefoot, kicking a soccer (er… football) ball and sitting around with his bare feet showing. Hot, hot, hot!

  • Amateur Bare Feet – Happy Saturday!

    Posted on by Footman

    Here’s a mature amateur with some serious exhibitionist tendencies who loves showing off his big, masculine feet. In this short clip, he puts his feet right up in the camera he’s wearing wifebeaters and pants that show his hairy calves, and he moves his soles and the undersides of his toes around for our pleasure. Enjoy, fellow footlovers!

  • Barefoot – Just an Average Guy

    Here’s an average barefoot guy – he’s not a hunk or model type, not a twink. He’s just your regular amateur who wants to show off his feet. He points a camera on a tripod in his direction, then sits down in his shorts with his bare soles pointed toward the camera and crosses his ankles, then rubs a toe. He sits back and shows off his naked amateur soles and toes, wiggling them a bit for us male foot lovers!

  • Foot Worship in Español

    Okay, I admit it – I don’t speak Spanish, and so I have no idea what these guys are saying. The clip title translates (thanks, Google!) to “Going crazy from head to toe”, but it looks to me more like feet and toes as one thing for sure is that one of these hot Latin guys is servicing the other’s feet. He pulls off his shoes, tickles those tender soles with a variety of implements and then rubs them and ties the big toes together. There’s a lot of foot action in this short clip! Love Latino feet? Enjoy!

  • Extreme Male Sole Closeup!

    A lot of foot fetish sites give us closeups of guys’ bare feet, particularly the soles, but most don’t give us closeups like this one!  This amateur guy lets us get up-close and personal with his bare toes and soles, then the camera zooms in even further, so close you can easily see the light callous on the balls of his feet and his toe prints.  Absolutely yummy!

  • Big Male Feet in Flip Flops

    Check out these size 11 1/2 male feet in flip flops! The camera is facing the toes, so we get to watch both toes and toenails as wiggles and scrunches his feet, sliding one of the sandals on and off for a little barefoot action, as well. This one got me revved right up, and I hope you’ll feel the same way – enjoy!

  • Boot Slave Services Booted Master

    Here’s an dominant man wearing shiny black workboots, and he’s a lucky guy who doesn’t need to do the polishing himself – he’s got a boot slave to care for his boots and his feet. In this video, his boot slave rubs the boots, respectfully unlaces them and licks them, As a reward, after pulling his boot Master’s work boots off, he gets to smiff that seductive masculine foot odor from each boot.

  • Amateur Male Soles From Behind

    Here’s a pair of clean, smooth – well, slightly wrinkled sometimes – male soles from an amateur at Youtube who loves showing off his feet to strangers. He’s on his knees giving us a rear view, his feet behind him as he rubs them a couple times, then scrunches the soles and toes. What a sexy way to start the week!

  • Santa’s Bare Feet Tickled

    Santa is the ultimate daddy bear with his silver hair and beard and his big belly, but have you ever wondered what Santa does when it’s not the holidays? Well, here he is off-season, bare feet in stocks as he endures a fiendish tickling session. He bare toes and soles are exposed and helpless as he laughs helplessly while some lucky guy off camera works over those ticklish soles!