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  • Taking Off His Dress Shoes

    OMG, check this guy out – he’s wearing executive attire including a sexy tie and black slacks as he settles down to give us a little thrill as he shows off his feet in black dress shoes. He unties those shoes and pulls them off to reveal his feet in black dress socks. He rubs and strokes his feet for the camera, then lies back so he can give us foot closeups of his feet in their socks and wiggles them just for us foot lovers. Enjoy!

  • Evan Heinz Takes Off His Shoes…

    Here’s a video of Evan Heinz from ToeGasms from a few years ago. He’s not the twink he once was – he’s more of a skater bad boy with lots of tattoos, and i this foot session, he’s wearing athletic shorts and sneakers over well-worn white socks.  We start off with closeups as Evan unlaces his athletic shoes slowly, then rubs and caresses his socked – and probably sweaty – feet including some mouthwatering closeups.  Click to watch all of Evan Heinz’ foot lust videos at ToeGasms!

  • Average Feet in Huge Slippers

    This amateur guy shows off his size 41 feet (that’s about a men’s size 8 1/2 in the U.S.) as he tries on HUGE size 54 (that’s like a men’s size 16) rubber slippers. It’s fun and sexy, as he shows off his feet, wiggling his toes with both his feet showing due to the size of the slippers. And at the end of this fun foot session, he starts to walk out of the slippers.

  • Barefoot, Bearded Amateur

    This amateur jock wears flip-flops at the beginning of his foot video debut, and he cooperates with the camera man / director as he tells him how to pose. You can see our amateur foot guy isn’t used to being on camera, but he’s got sexy masculine feet that are a treat once he’s totally barefoot. The camera guy has him flip off the camera, wiggle his toes (I love this part!), stick out his feet and more. A very sexy outdoor barefoot session!

  • Putting on His Boots

    This amateur guy is putting on his tan, lace-up boots. He pulls each one on, then laces them, one after the other, till he’s got the perfect fit and the boots embrace each foot in warm leather. If you love men’s feet in boots, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

  • Taking Off His Shoes and Socks

    I love this video! An amateur guy sits in his car, his feet sticking out the door toward the camera. He’s wearing dressy shoes that he kicks off while they’re still tied, then after moving his socked feet around for us, he takes off one sock using only the toes of his other feet. Once one foot is bare, he uses his bare toes to slide off his other sock. And then he sticks his bare feet at the camera and stretches his toes and does a little sole flexing. Hot!

  • Big Amateur Feet!

    Here’s an amateur foot guy with a hairy chest and abs, and he is having a great time showing off his bare feet for the camera! His feet are big, calloused and masculine, and he curls his toes, flexes his soles and generally goes crazy playing with his feet just for us. Enjoy, and to all our U.S. fans, Happy Thanksgiving!