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  • Amateur Male Feet in Flip Flops

    Posted on by Footman

    This morning I had a taste for an amateur guy in flip flops, and I found this video. The guy’s an amateur, he’s wearing shorts for those of us who like lightly hairy legs, and the entire video focuses on closeups of those sexy feet in their sandals. He shows off his feet from every angle – front so we can check out his toes, sides, back for some heels shots and then rear shots of him on his toes to show off his soles. I’d have to say that this guy knows what us foot lovers like!

  • Bare Male Soles Closeup

    Posted on by Footman

    Wow, did I just find a video for all you bare sole lovers! This video is 100% closeups of an amateur guy showing off his feet for the camera. The ambient noise is a bit loud, but these feet are just too sexy. He’s got slender feet with wrinkled soles that he flexes gently as he also spreads his toes for his cam. Enjoy!

  • Daddy in Blue Dress Socks

    If you love male feet in socks and men over 40, strap yourself in because have I found a video for you! A daddy in glasses and a suit and tie wearing slightly sheer, bright blue dress socks with a little lint on them, and does he ever know how to show them off his feet! He’s got a mustache and an intense gaze, and his socks are over the calf. We are treated to closeups, shots of him stroking his socked feet and more. I must admit, I’ve watched this video three times so far. Enjoy!

  • Fun Foot Fantasy

    This web foot amateur made this custom video a while ago. He’s your boss and he’s caught you always looking at his feet, and he’s not happy about it. Or is he? He shows off in work boots, then takes them off to reveal his feet in sweaty socks, and after teasing us, he pulls off the socks to show off his bare soles and toes. A very hot foot fantasy video with plenty of verbal!

  • Amateur Takes Off His Shoes and Socks

    Looking for a closeup video of a guy taking off his athletic shoes and socks?  I was, and this is what I found.  This amateur guys walks over in his sneakers, sits down and unties one shoe slowly and then the other one.  He knows what we like to see, and after he loosens and unties the laces, he kicks off one shoe and takes off the other to reveal low-profile socks.  He takes the socks off using only his flexible toes, then treats us to some bare toe flexing before the video ends.  And I must say this guy has delicious male feet!

  • Extreme Male Toe and Sole Closeups!

    Looks like this amateur guy’s feet are ready for their closeups, and that’s exactly what he treats us to. He says he’s lying in bed with his feet stuck in the camera, but all we can see is what counts, bare feet – soles and toes – in extreme and sexy closeups. I definitely suggest you enlarge this one to full screen, fellow foot lovers!

  • Putting On Your Boots, Marine Style!

    I ran across a video for all you lovers of men’s feet in boots! This is a man in uniform clothes showing us how to tie boots Marine-style, and then how to use boot bands. The camera stays on his booted feet in tasty closeups so you can almost feel that warm leather. Whether you can are about how to lace up your boots or not, you gotta love this masculine amateur showing us how it’s done!